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It’s getting to be that time where everyone starts writing up their lists of the best horror flicks of the year, and one movie that will no doubt pop up on a whole lot of those lists is Curse of Chucky, which went straight-to-video back in October.  Though not a perfect film by any means, most horror fans – myself included – were quite pleased with the direction Child’s Play creator Don Mancini went with the sixth installment in the franchise, stripping away the humor of Bride and Seed of Chucky and going back to the basics that made the original film so effective.

Mancini has been vocal about the fact that he’d love to continue the series with even more sequels, but the fate of Chucky completely depended on how well Curse performed on home video, and how much critics and fans dug it.  Fortunately, the response to the film has been overwhelmingly positive, currently holding an impressive 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – an incredible accomplishment for any horror film, much less a straight-to-video one!


Mancini took to his Twitter account today to reveal the exciting news that another Child’s Play sequel is indeed in the works, and has apparently been given the green light.  “All will be answered in Part 7,” he wrote, alluding to the fact that the next sequel will be a continuation of the story told in Curse of Chucky.  Does Charles Lee Ray manage to hide his evil soul in young Alice’s body?  Only time will tell!

To all of you who supported Curse of Chucky – by renting it on Demand, buying it and/or spreading the good word – pat yourselves on the back for helping a horror icon stay alive and most importantly, stay relevant.  Gotta consider this one a big win for all of us horror fans!

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