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It’s still a little curious as to why Orion would release their Child’s Play reboot on the same day as Pixar’s notoriously “100% Fresh” Toy Story franchise. Maybe it’s because they knew fans would create content such as the claymation parody below. And that’s publicity gold.

“Toy Massacre” is a project created by claymationist Lee Hardcastle and depicts a Chucky doll’s POV as he slashes his way through all the cute toys come to life in a kid’s room (Get it?).

The bloodbath includes a teddy bear disembowelment via ceiling fan, decapitations, and other gruesome kills done at the hands of Chucky to ambiguous but recognizable (unlicensed) toy box plushies.

The clip comes in at just under a minute, but there is plenty of kawaii carnage in that short amount of time that should give people a right “Chuck-le.”