‘Chucky’ Dodge Charger Is a Killer Ride

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A Chucky fan caught the eye of Director Don Mancini with these pics of a tricked out Dodge Charger displaying his beloved creations.


This sleek black vehicle owned by an unknown fan pays homage to the entire family with Chucky, Tiffany and their son Glen plastered around the vehicle in full color.

Mancini having helped create the Chucky franchise starting with co-writing the original 1988 screenplay is gearing up to bring the killer doll to television in a new series.


This car is probably the best way to display our love for the franchise unlike what one Los Angeles commuter did earlier this year by placing a Chucky doll in the passenger seat in order to use the carpool lane.

We also found this Dodge Charger from another fan displayed at a 2013 car show.

Jeffrey Johnson

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