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Director, Christopher Landon Talks ‘Happy Death Day 3’

by Trey Hilburn III
Happy Death

Christopher Landon’s Freaky is in theaters right now. The writer director also gave us Happy Death Day 1 & 2. These films feel very connected by that writing. So much so, that it feels like both of these worlds could exist in the same universe.

Happy Death Day and it’s sequels are vastly different. The first being more of Groundhog Day meets a slasher. The second film went way off those established rails and became a time travel film.

When speaking with ET, Landon spilled the beans on where he wants to go with Happy Death Day 3. Landon admits that it doesn’t make sense logistically at the moment, but offers the details that the film wouldn’t exist within the same day.  He went on to say, “it allows us to sort of take our time a little bit and figure it out.”

The synopsis for Happy Death Day goes like this:

Tree Gelbman is a blissfully self-centered college student who wakes up on her birthday in the bed of a student named Carter. As the morning goes on, Tree gets the eerie feeling that she’s experienced the events of this day before. When a masked killer suddenly takes her life in a brutal attack, she once again magically wakes up in Carter’s dorm room unharmed. Now, the frightened young woman must relive the same day over and over until she figures out who murdered her.

What do you think about a third film in the Happy Death Day universe? Let us know in the comments section.

Christopher Landon is writing the reboot of Paranormal Activity. Read more here.

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