‘Christine’ is Now Up For Auction, Buy at Your Own Risk

Trey Hilburn IIINews5 Comments

For those of us who have seen or read Christine, you might know the dangers that comes with a purchase of the evil, iconic Plymouth. But, it now appears that the primary car used in John Carpenter’s film by the same name is up for auction. Buy at your own risk.

Carpenter’s ’83 classic adapted from a Stephen King novel featured Arnie Cunningham and his prized and possessed, possession, Christine. The murderous 58′ Plymouth Fury that makes Arnie into a real dick and kills anyone who hurts or comes between herself and Arnie.

There were plenty of other Fury’s that were destroyed during the filming of Christine but this is one of the survivors. It has also been completely restored to its classic beauty. Added to that, there is a cool sticker that reads “Watch out for me. I am pure evil. I am Christine.”

The auction currently has the price listed between 400 and 500k. A worthy price for this beauty. Plus, you aren’t just buying the car. You are purchasing horror history.

For a complete look at the auction listing and and photos head over to the auction site.

What do you think horror fans? Is it a worthy purchase? Let us know in the comments section.

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