Christina Ricci Wants to Return for Another ‘Addams Family’ Movie

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As someone who did most of their growing up in the 90s, I absolutely loved the two Addams Family movies by director Barry Sonnenfeld. While I knew of the old TV show, the movie version is still my go-to rendition of the creepy and kooky clan.

In both The Addams Family (1991) and sequel Addams Family Values (1993), Christina Ricci – herself an icon of the 90s – played macabre daughter Wednesday Addams, to widespread acclaim. Even as an adult she still gets asked about Wednesday.

On one such recent occasion, Ricci was asked by Cinema Blend if she’d be up for returning for another Addams Family installment, whether playing an adult version of Wednesday or – as many fans have pushed for online – a new Morticia.

In words sure to cause joy for Addams Family fans everywhere, Ricci is totally ready to jump back into the franchise, saying “I would totally get back in bed with the Addams Family anytime.” Oh yeah, and us fans would love to have you back for sure.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a new live-action take on The Addams Family will be coming anytime soon. 2019 will see the arrival of a new animated Addams Family, but nobody from the 90s films is set to participate. Hopefully, Ricci eventually gets her wish.