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Chris Hemsworth to Star and Produce Nat Geo’s ‘Sharkfest’ 2021

by Trey Hilburn III

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is turning his sights from Asgard to the Earth’s oceans. National Geographic’s Sharkfest has laid out plans to bring Hemsworth in to executive produce and to star in ‘Shark Beach’ a special that focuses on sharks and their Australian habitat.

‘Shark Beach’ focuses on human and shark co-existence. Hemsworth investigates both the safeguards in place to protect our toothy friends of the sea as well, as an exploration as to why there have been an increase number of shark attacks around Australia.

“It’s crucial that we both revere and respect sharks. Our oceans depend on these apex predators for a biodiverse ecosystem; however, we must also learn how to protect ourselves, and that’s my main objective in Shark Beach.” Hemsworth said.

Nat Geo’s Sharkfest is currently in its third week and will continue for two more weeks. Hemsworth’s Shark Beach is slotted for Sharkfest 2021.

Hemsworth grew up in Australia and spent time surfing those waters. His knowledge of the area speaks to the information he provides on both Australia as a whole and the way sharks are handled in the vicinity. The area is notorious for its Great White population.

What do you guys think about Hemsworth heading up Shark Beach? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: (Deadline)

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