Chiller Adapting ‘V/H/S/’ ‘Amatuer Night’ Segment into Full Length Feature ‘Siren’

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Everyone remembers the image of the beautiful young girl with her forehead splitting open from V/H/S, right? The first segment about a couple of bros out on the town looking to get laid and bring a girl back to have a threesome, but it turns out, she’s a man eating succubus! What are the odds?

Turns out that Chiller will be adapting it into a full length feature to be directed by Gregg Bishop (the original segment was directed by David Bruckner) who is no stranger to the world of V/H/S, having directed the Dante the Great segment from V/H/S: Viral, as well as Dance of the Dead from 2008. The segment, or should I say feature, will no longer be called Amateur Night, but instead will be named Siren written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski with David Bruckner and Brad Miska on board as executive producers. Keep your eye out for this beast in 2016.

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