Scary Bishoujo Collection Expands With Child’s Play Characters

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The company Kotobukiya has taken popular characters from movies, comics, and video games and reimagined them in the cutest of styles!  They call them Bishoujo, meaning “pretty girl” in Japanese.  Many of these characters crafted by Kotobukiya’s are originally male, and have now swapped genders in their plastic frozen forms!

The company has been creating these unique reimaginings for twenty years now, and they use Japan’s top designers and sculptors to arrive at their final product.

Kotobukiya began their horror movie Bishoujos with two of the most famous icons of the genre; Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.  Both figures were released in 2014 to positive reviews from fans.  Despite having cute bishoujo faces, the designers of these figures have stayed true to the original character in many of their details, which is one of the reasons they are so successful.

Freddy and Jason bishoujo from Kotobukiya

The Jason Voorhees statue comes equipped with a very detailed hockey mask, an axe, and of course Jason Voorhees weapon of choice, a machete.  This beautiful vixen means business!

Jason bishoujo from Kotobukiya

The Freddy Krueger statue comes complete with the classic fedora, ripped sweater revealing her curves, and of course the classic glove made famous in 1984.  This femme fatale will certainly haunt your dreams!

Freddy bishoujo from Kotobukiya

Later this year Kotobukiya plans to release two more figures from the world of horror; Chucky and Tiffany from the Child’s Play series!  They are both available for pre-order here.

Kotobukiya has reimagined the iconic killer doll Chucky of the Child’s Play series in lovely bishoujo form.  Chucky will be released July 26th of this year, as well as an exclusive deluxe version that comes with an alternative “evil” head and an alternative arm with her fingers crossed.  The classic “Good Guy” overalls has been modified in a cute mini skirt denim overall.  The original version also comes with an alternative head riddled with scars, reminiscent of the Chucky we know from the later films.

Chucky bishoujo from Kotobukiya

Chucky’s beautiful counterpart, Tiffany, will be released shortly prior to her mate’s arrival on July 10th!  This lovely statue is dressed in her lacey wedding dress, classic fishnets, and combat boots.  She is ready for trouble!  Above her breast is her tattoo sporting her eternal love for Chucky.  Tiffany is a beautiful and deadly vixen, whether in her original doll form known from the movie franchise or as Kotobukiya’s bishoujo!

Tiffany bishoujo from Kotobukiya

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