‘Child’s Play’ TV Series Still Coming, Brad Dourif Not Involved With Remake

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A few days back, it was announced that MGM was working on a remake of Child’s Play. The reaction to that news from fans was negative to say the least, as not only does Child’s Play hold up fine, but the original series is still going strong.

Last year’s Cult of Chucky was pretty damn awesome, as was its predecessor, 2013’s Curse of Chucky. Unlike most franchises, going direct to video seems to have rejuvenated Chucky, leading to sequels just as good as a Child’s Play 2 or Bride of Chucky.

The man guiding the continued excellence of Child’s Play as a franchise is of course Don Mancini, writer of all seven films, and director of the last three. Not too long ago, Mancini announced that he was putting together a Child’s Play TV series.

The series is said to be picking up from where Cult left off, and recently got its first logo revealed by Mancini via social media. Now, Bloody Disgusting reports that fans have no need to fear: MGM’s remake won’t at all stop Mancini’s franchise from moving forward.

Not only is Mancini’s Child’s Play TV series still happening, but Brad Dourif is already attached to voice Chucky. One assumes other cast members like Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, and Alex Vincent will also return.

As a consequence, Dourif isn’t involved with MGM’s movie remake, which will see a technologically advanced Chucky terrorize a group of Stranger Things-esque kids. Additionally, Mancini says Universal plans to make more movie sequels down the road.

I don’t know about you, but this just cements my lack of interest in MGM’s Child’s Play remake. There’s no reason to support a cash grab reboot when the original creators and cast are still adding to the original continuity with Universal.

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