Chucky in Child's Play 2

‘Child’s Play’ TV Series Premiering in 2020

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So, there’s a remake of Child’s Play coming out next month. I’m sure everyone reading this is aware, as the marketing has really ramped up. While the trailers have looked fine, I’m still not sure how I feel about it, and I’m betting many other fans feel the same way.

Unlike most remakes, this new Child’s Play has been vocally opposed by franchise creator Don Mancini since it was announced. The reason for that is simple: Mancini wasn’t (and isn’t) done adding to the story that’s unfolded over the prior seven films.

Unfortunately, Orion Pictures pushed ahead with the remake in spite of Mancini’s objections, leaving Chucky fans in an odd position. Whether the remake ends up being good or not, the first Child’s Play continuity isn’t done, and will continue via a TV series.

Chucky is coming to SYFY

It’s been awhile since the show was first teased by Mancini, although it’s since been scooped up by Syfy. Now, it appears that Chucky’s creator has revealed a target for the show’s premiere, albeit in super quiet fashion, putting the info in a recent Twitter reply.

When asked about Chucky’s future, Mancini responded that the Child’s Play TV series is coming in 2020. No specifics beyond that were given, but we learned previously that the show will be a sequel to Cult of Chucky, and feature the voice of Brad Dourif.

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