Chucky in Child's Play 2

‘Child’s Play’ TV Series Coming, Says Don Mancini

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If you’re reading this website, chances are good that you’ve seen at least one film starring the murderous doll Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif).

Chucky is one of those movie slashers that has almost become a rite of passage for horror fans, occupying a spot on the list of fright franchises that are considered a “must watch.”

Unlike many of his contemporaries though, Chucky has managed to star in seven films without once erasing any sequels from continuity, or rebooting his franchise entirely.

With last fall’s well-received sequel Cult of Chucky now in the books, many fans have been wondering when the next entry would be arriving. Surprisingly enough though, instead of Child’s Play 8, it look like we’ll be getting Child’s Play: The Series.

As revealed by Bloody Disgusting, franchise creator Don Mancini has plans to bring Chucky and friends to the small screen in the form of an eight-part TV series.

The series will continue on from there Cult left off, and will presumably see the return of both Brad and Fiona Dourif, as well as Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent. It’s important to note though that the film franchise isn’t dead, and may well continue after the TV series finishes.

No network or streaming outlet is yet attached to air Child’s Play: The Series, but considering the built-in fanbase, it likely won’t be hard to find a place willing to show it. Here’s hoping Mancini can make this series just as good as Curse and Cult.

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