‘Child’s Play’ Remake’s Chucky Will Be 80% Animatronics

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While some have been impressed enough by the trailers and marketing to want to give it a shot, the Child’s Play remake remains a controversial topic for many horror fans. This is due to it being made without the involvement of series creator Don Mancini.

Child’s Play will be far from the first remake to not include the creator of the franchise, but the problem here is that Mancini is still actively making Chucky-related things, including an upcoming TV show for Syfy that brings back Brad Dourif as lead voice.

Thanks to a quirk of the film rights though, the original Child’s Play was able to be remade sans Mancini’s permission. Directed by Lars Klevberg, the new movie removes Chucky’s voodoo origins in favor of making him an evil piece of advanced tech.


The incomparable Mark Hamill will voice the new Chucky, but those fans expecting this murderous doll to be mostly CGI would be wrong. Klevberg recently told Rotten Tomatoes that Chucky in the remake is realized 80% of the time through animatronics.

On-set, Chucky was controlled and voiced by his lead puppeteer, in order to give Andy actor Gabriel Bateman someone to act opposite of and interact with. While I’m still iffy on the remake itself, those involved get kudos for going the mostly practical route.

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