Ever since it was announced, Orion Pictures’ remake of director Tom Holland’s original Child’s Play film has been a bit controversial among horror fans. As is well known, the remake was made despite creator Don Mancini still continuing the original franchise.

That dispute aside, now that Child’s Play (2019) is out in theaters, most people seem to be digging it on its own merits. In fact, the film is so different from the original that many fans wish it had just avoided the baggage and called itself something else.

Critics also mostly dig the new Child’s Play, which features Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky. Now, Box Office Mojo reports that director Lars Klevberg’s film has managed a solid but unspectacular $14 million domestic opening, coming in second place.

Child's Play Remake Slashes to Solid But Unspectacular Opening Weekend

Obviously, nobody ever expected Child’s Play to top Toy Story 4, which easily won the weekend. Still, on a reported budget of $10 million (before marketing), the remake should end up making a profit before leaving theaters, if not an enormous one.

One wonders if a decent profit margin will be enough to merit a sequel, the creation of which would likely annoy Mancini and fans of the original franchise even more. Still, in the end, more R-rated horror in theaters can hardly be seen as a bad thing.