‘Child’s Play’ Reboot Trailer Shows Its Hand

Timothy RawlesComing Soon, Trailer2 Comments

Whether you are looking forward to this new version of an old favorite, or you wished they hadn’t fixed what wasn’t broken, you are undoubtedly curious about the new Child’s Play.

Well here’s their one chance to make a first impression, so you’ll have to be the judge.

It seems all the same elements of the original are here: Tweenage boy and mother being terrorized by a toy doll named “Chucky,” nee Buddi, come to life wreaking havoc on all who stand in his way.

One thing missing from the trailer though is a full reveal of Chucky which many have complained looks too impractical judging by the teaser poster.

The only peek of Chuck you’re going to get in this trailer is the back of his ginger head and glimpse of his knife wielding hand.

Let the unboxing begin.

This film opens nationwide on June 21, 2019.