Child’s Play (2019) Director Wants to Make a Sequel

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We are entering a world where we could potentially have Child’s Play and Chucky content coming out of our ears. Lars Klevberg, director of 2019’s Child’s Play remake recently let it be known that he is indeed down for coming back for Child’s Play 2.

This comes on the tail of the news that Don Mancini is working on a Chucky TV series for SYFY and USA. Klevberg’s Child’s Play released last year to a successful box office of around $45 million. Not bad considering it had a budget of $10 million.

Klevberg informed fans via Instagram that he is all about coming back to the franchise for a sequel. At the moment he is just waiting for MGM to give him the greenlight.

“We had fun. It would be amazing to pull the crew and the actors back for another one, but MGM needs to get their stuff together and do it. It’s all there.” Klevberg said.

I kept an open mind with the Child’s Play remake. Initially, I felt that Mancini was being screwed and that the film and the Buddi doll looked terrible. However, with Hamill on as the Buddi doll’s voice and the extremely gory and funny apporach the film took, it ultimately grew on me. I’ll admit, its a fun movie. Surprisingly so.

Would it be so bad to have more killer doll films based on alternate universes? I’m going to say, I’m pretty okay with it. So, long as Mancini’s Chucky comes out all good, the rest of this is just frosting on the cake.

What do you guys think? Would you want a sequel of the Child’s Play remake? Let us know in the comments section.

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