Fans often say that the endless remakes and reboots that come out every year do nothing but ruin our childhoods, though I never quite understood how a movie could possibly have the power do that. This story, however, just might tarnish yours…

As reported by Fox News, former Power Rangers star Ricardo Medina Jr. is being held on $1 million bail following the murder of his roommate, which was carried out by a lethal blow with a samurai sword. Yes, this is real life.

According to law enforcement, Medina got into a fight with his roommate on Saturday afternoon, which led him to barricade himself in his bedroom. Reportedly, the man forced his way into the room, at which point Medina fatally stabbed him in the abdomen with a nearby sword.

After the bloody altercation, which appears to have been self defense, Medina called 911 and waited for police to arrive. He’s due in court later today.

The actor portrayed the Red Lion Wild Force Ranger on the 2002 TV series Power Rangers Wild Force, and he later played Deker in the 2011 series Power Rangers Samurai. Medina’s other acting credits include the 2008 horror film Parasomnia and an episode of ER.