Walking Dead Burger Tastes Like Human Flesh

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Earlier this year, in celebration of The Walking Dead‘s Season 4 finale, a brewery in Philadelphia whipped up a limited edition batch of beer made with real roasted goat brains, to essentially give fans the chance to experience what it might taste like to devour such a delicacy.

With Season 5 on the horizon, two chefs over in the UK set out to one-up the brewery’s oddball concoction, creating a tasty treat that would presumably pair quite well with the brain beer.

London’s Miss Cakehead and Mess London chef James Thomlinson are the brains behind these Walking Dead-inspired sliders, setting out in their lab to make them taste as much like real human flesh as humanly possible. Basing their culinary decisions on real-life testimonials from real-life cannibals, the duo known as ‘Messhead’ will be offering up the flesh burgers free of charge on Tuesday, September 30th at a Terminus Tavern pop-up in East London.

So, what does human flesh actually taste like? Well, here’s a handy infographic to give you an idea, which includes many of the quotes that the chefs used as inspiration for the world’s most revolting burgers!