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Written by Patti Pauley


The Soska Sisters and Blumhouse Productions seem to be having no trouble keeping us horror fans entertained with the twisted ways they love to dangle money in front of people in the coolest horror game show pretty much in the history of EVER, Hellevator. The show that premiered back in October of 2015 that features Jen and Sylvia Soska of American Mary and See No Evil 2 fame, continues to amuse us well into the second season that debuted earlier this month with the insane fear-inducing challenges that contestants must face in an attempt to push their own psychological limits, all while making a few bucks.



This Friday on an all new Hellevator, the Soska Twins are bringing us a special Halloween treat; especially for those who never really got along with the pep squad in High School. The sinister sisters ‘bring it on‘ Halloween style and challenge four cheerleaders to face their fears and Hellevator’s deviant obstacles in order to rouse up some real ‘Halloween Spirit’. Now really, who DOESN’T want to see some cutesy cheerleaders scream their heads off and ruin those perfectly fit uniforms? I do, I do! Bonus points if the sisters get one or all three of the gals to perform a mercy cheer. By the looks of the trailer below, they may need to!


Hellevator has new episodes every Friday on The Game Show Network at 9/8c. Give them on Facebook and Twitter @HellevatorShow to keep tabs on the upcoming twisted shenanigans the show has in store for you!