Extraterrestrials movie 2014- On board the shipThe trailer for the upcoming sci-fi horror flick Extraterrestrial shows great promise for its October 29 release date.  The trailer presents a dark and frightening alternative to your average alien invasion movie. The IMDB description as well as the beginning of the trailer is a bit deceptive. They propose a basic cabin in the woods style movie, with the exception being that the monsters are actually threatening extraterrestrial life. The reality is that this movie is much more than that, upon full viewing of the trailer you realize that Extraterrestrial promises to be much deeper.

[youtube id=”AtXj7ZmhPAg”]

The trailer goes on to reveal a movie with intrigue and secrets, a huge budget and fantastic monologue writing. The movie appears to be genuinely frightening, not just a fluffy science fiction movie that shows overly CGI shots of alien technology.

Extraterrestrial 2014- abduction sceneTo conclude, the most compelling section of the trailer, for me was the closing line of the monologue from Michael Ironside when he tells us that the aliens are always watching. This is a intensely creepy line, it plays on the idea that the extraterrestrials have always been around and are infinitely more powerful than us.