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Check out what Custom Freek is doing with NECA figures – Jason edition

by Manic Exorcism
Check out what Custom Freek is doing with NECA figures – Jason edition

Thanks to NECA, fans can get their hands on some of the best looking figures imaginable. They’ve stormed the market with nearly every different variation of Jason, Freddy, and Chucky to name just a few. That leads us to the mastermind behind Custom Freek. He takes the familiar NECA pieces and then adds brilliant new levels of depth and character to each one. Upon seeing only a few Jason masks he had reworked, I knew I had to have one of my own.

I asked if he had ever done a custom figure and – at that time – it was something he’d never yet approached, but the project was far too interesting to ignore. So I sent him my NECA Jason from Freddy vs Jason to see what he could come up with. Needless to say, it was superior to what I could have imagined.

image courtesy of Custom Freek

The mask was completely reworked – for example, there are claw marks now etched into its surface, reflecting the violent battle he had against the Dream Demon. More blood was added to the mask as well, especially a ghastly flow oozing from the right eye hole.

image courtesy of Custom Freek

The face underneath is recolored, given a more fleshy look so he could look far more diseased this time around. The left eye lost all of its pigmentations so Jason can have a deadish look about him. And his other eyes is a nasty wound that pours blood down his marred face.

image courtesy of Custom Freek

Bits of string has been added to the jacket so that it looks frayed and aged from all the years of battle and decomposition.

Mud has been caked onto his boots and the end of his pants.

Dirt, twigs, and leaves are caked onto his shoulders as if Jason just crawled out of his restless grave to wreak havoc once again.

Blood is added in plenty to him as well, and looks absolutely amazing! His left hand is baptized in gore as if he just ripped someone’s heart out. And the machete is blunted, rusted, and thick with the blood of those Jason just slaughtered.

And – as if icing on the cake – I got a miniature Domino’s Pizza box (thanks to the TMNT line at NECA) that is now stomped to bits as if Jason broke-up the end of a party at Crystal Lake.

This figure is one of the top two treasures now in my collection. It takes a lot to make still art tell a story, and this thing is full of lore. It amazes me how artists manage that.

image courtesy of Custom Freek

You can check out more of Custom Freek’s work here. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this.

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