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Check out Two New Clips from Fox Searchlight’s ‘Ready or Not’

by Waylon Jordan
Ready or Not

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see Ready or Not, the new feature from Fox Searchlight heading to theaters later this month.

The film focuses on a young bride named Grace (Samara Weaving) who’s just married the love of her life, Alex (Mark O’Brien). What should be a romantic wedding night soon becomes a nightmare, however, when Grace is forced to play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with Alex’s family, all of whom are heavily armed and out for blood.

Ready or Not‘s premise had us hooked from the first trailer and we’ve been counting down the days to its release ever since.

In anticipation of the film hitting theaters, Fox Searchlight has released two new clips to give audiences just one more taste of what the film has in store.

First up is “Head Start” in which Grace has a tense meeting with Daniel (Adam Brody) in the billiard room. (Anyone else get a distinct Clue vibe from the setting?) It looks like Daniel’s heart isn’t totally into his family’s game.

In “Dress for Success” the studio takes us behind the scenes to give us a look at the Grace’s wardrobe throughout Ready or Not and the way it has to change to fit the ongoing carnage. Samara Weaving seems to pull off every look flawlessly!

Will you be attending this crazy wedding? It promises to be one of the bloodiest social events of the season! Look for Ready or Not in theaters on August 21, 2019!

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