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Check out this Video of a Young Zak Bagans on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

by Waylon Jordan
Zak Bagans

The name Zak Bagans conjures up a lot of images. Tall, muscled, lots of leather and hair product, ghost hunting on the Travel Channel–okay and the not so occasional freak out during those paranormal investigations.

What one doesn’t expect is a young, trim, and dare I say preppy-looking 21 year old on Wheel of Fortune. Yet, there he is in this glorious little video from an episode that took place back in 1998.

It appears to be one of the game show’s specialty weeks where they were featuring family members in teams as contestants on the show. Zak appeared with his sister, Meredith, who host Pat Sajak seems particularly interested in during their introductions.

Both siblings were attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas at the time and Zak was majoring in communications with a minor in film while was also working as a mobile DJ in Vegas at the time.

Zak and Meredith came in second on the game show losing to another pair of siblings. In just over ten years, he would become the lead investigator on one of the most popular and controversial paranormal television shows to ever hit the Travel Channel.

Eighteen seasons of Ghost Adventures later, the show seems to have lost no momentum and grown up Zak Bagans has expanded to other related series as well as opening his own occult museum in Las Vegas filled with various creepy relics.

You can check out the video of their introductions below and if you’re really interested, you’ll find the full episode here.

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