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Pippin Barr created an Atari 2600-style mini game called “Let’s Play: The Shining” based on Kubrick’s immortal film. If, like me,  you grew up with an Atari in the 80s and love The Shining, you should greatly appreciate this.
“It was written in Haxe using theHaxeFlixel library,” Barr explains on his site. “The music and sound effects in Let’s Play: The Shining were made with a combination of bxfrBosca Ceoil, and Audacity. The graphics were made in Pixen.”
Here’s the trailer:
[youtube id=”ny5fwQDAPwQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]
The game starts out by letting you drive through the mountain side while the intro music plays like in the film.
Then you get to the hotel. From there, you get to throw the ball against the wall, and then briefly play through various scenes from the film (in very simplistic ways), including typing the famous “all work and no play” over and over again, which you accomplish by simply pressing the space bar over and over again. There’s actually nothing brief about that part, but it’s just funny.
You get to play as Wendy and Danny holding hands, and work your way through the hedge maze. You get to play as Danny by himself and ride your Big Wheel through the halls. You get to be attacked by the old woman in Room 237, you get to play as Wendy and swing a bat at Jack. You get to play as Jack again, and swing your ax at the door repeatedly. In the last part, you play as Jack working your way through the maze at which point…oh, I won’t spoil the ending for you.
Staircase (1)
Room 237
Final maze
The game is worth going through once just for the fun of it. It won’t take you longer than five minutes. Check it out.
You can read up about the making of the game here.