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Check Out This Edgar Allan Poe Cake With a Realistic Beating Heart!

by Brianna Spieldenner
Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired Cake

This ghastly Edgar Allan Poe-inspired cake is quite the treat for fans of the famed gothic horror writer. A gelatin, realistic heart beats atop a book opened to The Tell-Tale Heart, which features the thumping heart.

Edgar Allan Poe Cake

If I was standing a few feet back, I’d be worried by the seemingly bleeding heart on top of a book, but I’m sure it was delicious. Anyone looking for some baking inspiration while quarantined?

Edgar Allan Poe-Inspired Cake

Posted on Youtube, the video stated, “All cake, all edible, all pumpy. My mom whipped this together for the office valentines day party. Do you have the heart to like it?”

Check out the video of this Tell-Tale Heart cake here:

Do you hear it beating?

I wish I had a coworker who would go all out like that for just an office Valentine’s Day party. Thanks, mom. Also, there is a furry surprise at the end of the video.

The Youtuber, Alasdair Martin, also shared his mother’s cake making Instagram.


She has other cool pop culture cake imaginings, such as A Nightmare Before Christmas, Frozen, and Harry Potter. You can check out her Instagram with her username @fancifulcakes. 


If you’re not familiar with this master of horror, Poe published The Tell-Tale Heart in 1843. It takes place inside the narrator’s head after he commits a murder and confesses to it because he believes he can hear the beating of the heart from underneath the floorboards. 

Gross story, delicious cake. Check out some other horror movie cakes we’ve found previously. Tag us in any delicious horror cake creations you bake, like this gory Edgar Allan Poe cake.

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