You’ve never heard of their favorites movies or bands, and if you have, they don’t like them anymore.  They tend to sport facial hair and rock black-rimmed glasses and tight jeans.  They’re hipsters, of course, and if you’re not at least a tiny bit annoyed by them and everything they stand for… well… you’re probably one of them!

… not that there’s anything wrong with that.  We love you either way.  Sincerely.

Remember that scene from American Psycho where Patrick Bateman and his yuppie work buddies compare business cards?  Well that scene was the inspiration for a brilliant short film that was just made to promote the Amsterdam-based clothing company Denham.  Denham’s specialty is high quality denim jeans, and so obsessed with denim is the company’s owner that his affinity for jeans reminded director Hugo Keijzer of Bateman’s obsession with business cards, which gave him the idea to use it as the basis for an American Psycho-inspired promotional campaign.

“When I first heard Jason Denham talk about jeans it reminded me of the film’s legendary business-card scene,” says Keijzer.  “I recognized the same manic attention to detail and ravenous appetite for craftsmanship. This triggered the idea for a modern-day remake of the scene.”

And so, Denham Psycho was born, a six-minute short film that promotes the brand, while at the same time remaking iconic moments from American Psycho and poking fun at hipsters.  Those wearing tight jeans and hating on The Walking Dead may not exactly get a kick out of it, but we sure do!

Enjoy Dehman Psycho below, which is hopefully as close as we ever get to an American Psycho remake!