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Check out These Exclusive Photos from the Restoration of 1994’s ‘The Stand’

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A brand new restoration of the 1994 mini-series adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand is headed to Blu-Ray on September 24, 2019!

In advance of the release, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment have released some side-by-side photos to give fans a glimpse of what they will see in this new version of the miniseries.

Check out these images, first off of Gary Sinise as blue-collar everyman Stu Redman followed by Adam Storke and Laura San Giacomo as musician Larry Underwood and the emotionally conflicted Nadine Cross.

The Stand 1994

It’s amazing to see the colors brought forward and all of the details we didn’t have before! Can you imagine what we missed when we first watched it 25 years ago?!

The Stand tells the story of an epidemic that wipes out over 90% of the population. In its wake, survivors begin to dream dreams and find themselves drawn to one of two camps. Those who are of the light follow Mother Abigail’s voice to Colorado, and those darker souls are drawn to Vegas and the Dark Man aka Randall Flagg.

The 1994 miniseries boasted an all-star cast including Molly Ringwald, Ruby Dee, Rob Lowe, Ossie Davis, and Miguel Ferrer.

The Stand has been in the news a lot lately with a brand new adaptation headed to CBS All Access next year.

The miniseries from 1994 has an ardent following, however, and we have no doubt that this restoration is going to be a popular buy when it hits Blu Ray on September 24, 2019.

You can pre-order the Blu Ray on Amazon! Check out the releases new box art below!

The Stand

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