Check out the poster and trailer for ‘Some Kind of Hate’

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This is like hearing about a pizza with 3 of your favorite toppings. “Some Kind of Hate” has gained some notoriety on it’s festival run. It sounds like it has all of a horror movie lovers favorite horror movie metaphorical pizza toppings.

Female revenge? Check. Slasher film? Check. A new take on horror movies that will take place at a camp? Check. Tack on the fact that it stars Noah Segan and is directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer and this one has all the makings of something that is going to be fucking awesome concentrate.

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The plot centers around  bullied kid that gets sent to reform camp. While there, the poor dude, who is sick of getting picked on accidentally summons an evil spirit hellbent on taking revenge on all the bullies.

After seeing this poster we here at iHorror are looking forward to seeing “Some Kind of Hate”. What do you guys think?

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