Check Out ‘The Green Inferno Survival’ Game

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As previously reported, Eli Roth appeared on the Nerdist Podcast this past Friday, and mentioned that his next film (after The Green Inferno), Knock, Knock, has wrapped, and that he’s now in editing mode.

Roth also announced a new The Green Inferno game, which is available on iOS and Android. It’s called The Green Inferno Survival. The official description (via Google Play) is as follows:

The Green Inferno Survival is the official video game of the new Eli Roth film. It all starts in the jungle, after a big plane crash, where we find eight survivors surrounded by ravenous opponents. Your objective is to protect the crew from furious hordes of enemies. Conquer the jungle with different strategies, using various types of traps and weapons! For Justine and the remaining survivors, no good deed goes unpunished.



The game is described as a “fast-paced approach to the popular Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy genres,” with an “intense mix of adrenaline and strategy in 10 dangerous levels.”

It promises the ability to experiment with different ways to defeat enemies with a “wide variety of defenses”. You can even compete with friends. There are 25 trophies, which can be unlocked.

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