Check Out Terror Tales’ ‘Moonwalkers’ Today!

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It’s time for another episode of Terror Tales. This week showrunner Domonic Smith, who also directs this episode, brings us Moonwalkers, and it’s a particularly creepy tale that takes place on a dark and stormy night.

A young mom of twins is at home as the storm quietly rumbles outside. We step into the story as she’s teasing her husband for working late into the night when he could be at home with her.

As she settles in for the evening, strange things begin to happen around the house. A ball is suddenly in the middle of the kitchen; a ceramic oil warmer is laying on the floor. She repeatedly checks on her twin daughters in bed as a news anchor warns viewers about a rash of break-ins that have been happening in the city.

It’s when the front door of the apartment opens that things get truly scary.

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Each episode of Terror Tales is based on a true story related to them by viewers. If you’d like to submit your own terrifying encounter, email the team at [email protected]

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