Though many found reasons to hate it, I personally found the 2013 Evil Dead remake to be absolutely fantastic, as the film embodied all the gruesome brutality that we’ve come to love the franchise for. Not sure how any fan of the series could have possibly found it anything less than awesome, but I digress.

Ever since the release of the film, there has been talk of scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor, and in fact the trailer contained several moments that weren’t in the theatrical cut. Unfortunately, the home video release was the same version, and no deleted scenes made their way onto the discs.

Now, nearly two full years later, those deleted bits have finally surfaced, thanks to an extended cut of the film that was recently aired on television over in the United Kingdom. The never-before-seen version included a handful of deleted scenes, as well as an entirely new ending.

Whereas Mia walks off into the woods at the end of the theatrical cut, she’s picked up by a trucker in the extended version, which is an alternate finale that has been talked about over the years. At one point it was rumored that Bruce Campbell played the trucker, though that is unfortunately not the case.

Check out the alternate ending below, and also hit the play buttons underneath for a few other deleted scenes, which range from gruesome to totally awesome!

[youtube id=”p8dzvn0jYiU”]

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