Check out ‘Jurassic World’s’ live park cams

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We are still a long way off from seeing Chris Pratt lead a pack of raptors on a hunt for a genetically engineered killer dino in ‘Jurassic World.’ However, it’s not too soon to check out what is going on in the park right now.

If you head over to and click on the park cam feeds you can check out several areas inside Jurassic World, from the hatchery to the T. Rex Paddock. And even a super disgruntled looking worker shoveling dino poop.

I scanned through the feeds for a while in hopes of catching a glimpse of a dino or  some sort of carnage but no luck. Just a increased excitement to see the film when it comes out.

I’m sure in the days coming up we might get a look at an egg hatch or a T. Rex leg or at the very least the guy who  is shoveling shit turn in his resignation letter.

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