Check Out This Cool CGI Recreation of the ‘Tales from the Crypt’ Opening Sequence


The age of Youtube has given rise to an overwhelming tide of “fan films,” projects made not for profit but rather to honor and pay tribute to a particular piece of pop culture. Some of these efforts are quite good, and some are quite bad, but there is never anything wrong with the creative types among us using the internet to express themselves.

For example, a talented group of fans recently came together to create an entirely animated rendition of the classic opening sequence that began every episode of HBO’s iconic anthology series Tales from the Crypt.

[youtube id=”w6be7-v2wOs”] [youtube id=”yu_eXegPAWc”]

While it’s not quite a full on fan-film, it’s still pretty damn cool, with the animation of Crypt’s old dark house, its surroundings, and the long winding staircase leading to the Cryptkeeper’s titular abode being rendered so well that you might not even realize it was CGI if you weren’t informed of the fact beforehand.

The animation is very sharp, crisp, and polished looking, and in some ways actually looks better than the grainy old footage we know and love. The only letdown is the Cryptkeeper himself, which the creators of the video seem to have kinda given up on. He sort of looks like a Cryptkeeper head on a stick. Still, the level of quality is otherwise commendable, and points to a bright future for animators Benabdallah Adel and Penoit Damien and their FX helpers Meradi and Toufik Mekbel.

Tales from the Crypt


  1. What a cop out – the very end they cheated us by not even bothering a rendition of The Crypt Keeper?! WTF?!!
    Epic FAIL

  2. MAN!!! That was brilliant leading up to The Crypt Keeper… Then I just want the creators, WHY?!? Why make such an amazingly detailed 3D of the intro just to leave our favorite rotting fellow as nothing but a picture of a head on a stick?! You have soooo much potential!!! Pretty please try to do him justice & at least take a stab at him!!!

  3. Nope nope nope…everything was awesome and then the biggest let down EVER! He makes the show…IS the show…when I was a kid, this was the creepiest opening (aside with Goosebumps) of any show…if this were the opening back then, my nightmares wouldn’t have been half as fun!

  4. “A CGI TFTC opening you say? I wonder what the CryptKeeper will look like.”
    “This looks pretty good so far. I wonder what the Cryptkeeper will look like!”
    “Wow, that staircase looks amazing. I can tell they put a ton of effort into this. I’m totally amped to see what they’ve done with the Cryptkeeper!”
    “Oh god here it comes!!”



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