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‘Charlie No-Face’: A Terrifying Urban Legend with a Sad Real-Life Twist

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Charlie No-Face

Residents of Western Pennsylvania are no doubt familiar with the urban legend of ‘Charlie No-Face,’ which terrified locals for many decades. Story went that if you drove along a certain road at night, you would encounter an elderly gentleman with no face, which many actually reported seeing throughout the years.

‘Charlie No-Face’ was also referred to by the name ‘The Green Man,’ due to the fact that his skin appeared to be a strange shade of green. But the strangest thing of all about the urban legend is that it actually turned out to be true, with many who were told the tale as children growing up to discover that sometimes, the truth is much sadder than fiction.

The real man behind the urban legend was the late Raymond Robinson, who was tragically disfigured in his youth. When he was just 8-years-old, Robinson was violently electrocuted by an overhead electrical line while trying to view a bird’s nest, which nearly ended his life. Though Robinson survived the accident, the strong electrical volt took away his nose, eyes, one ear and even an arm.

From that day in 1918 up until his death in 1985, Robinson mostly hid away from society, for fear of scaring those he came into contact with. At night, when he couldn’t be seen, Robinson liked to go for long walks, guided by a walking stick, which were the only times he ever really left the house. These nightly walks were of course where the urban legend of ‘Charlie No-Face’ began, with many purposely driving along the stretch of road to get a glimpse of the tragic figure – many believing him to be a ghost of some sort.

To this day, nearly 30 years after his death, the tales of ‘Charlie No-Face’ are still passed down in Pennsylvania from generation to generation, with his status as a campfire character long outliving his actual life. The story has been changed over the years, and some claim that they still see the faceless man walking down his favorite road at night.

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