Charles Ramsey and Amanda Berry Movie In The Works?

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The nation is abuzz with the story of Amanda Berry escaping her captor with the help of next door neighbor Charles Ramsey. has found out that there has already been interest in buying Amanda Berry’s story.

We were able to speak to a source from a production company only on the terms that we would keep them anonymous at this time.

Amanda Berry
“We are actually in pre-production of a Horror film that mirrors several aspects of the Amanda Berry story.”  Our source continues, “the thoughts from the head of the table is that we combine the story with that of Amanda Berry… after all there’s nothing scarier in a Horror Film than the words BASED ON A TRUE STORY“.

Of course this is a long way from being green lit, and I’m sure they will have to compete with the numerous other offers/book deals that will be coming out of the woodwork.

“It is important”, our source adds, ” that we don’t become overzealous in search of a compelling story that we act insensitive to the victims of these crimes.  We, as a production team, will wait like the rest of the public in order to find out all the details of the case.  If it turns out that the two stories are able to merge, then that will be something we will definitely try to do. “

I guess the only question we have is… which Wayans brother will be playing the courageous yet quirky neighbor Charles Ramsey?

amanda berry charles ramsey

What are your thoughts – does this story have the stuff to become a part of the “Based On A True Story” horror elite?

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