Horror fans are currently being inundated with awesome genre TV shows, including The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Stranger Things, and the returning in 2018 Ash vs Evil Dead. Nothing against any of those shows, but one series I feel deserves more attention and love is Syfy’s Channel Zero.

Created by Nick Antosca, Channel Zero is an anthology series that adapts – sometimes loosely – a different creepypasta story each season. Last year’s first season adapted Candle Cove, a tale of a sinister kids show that corrupts the minds of its viewers. Candle Cove earned mostly good reviews, and solid ratings.

SyFy's Channel Zero: Candle Cove is creepy.

Channel Zero’s recently finished second season adapted The No-End House, a story about what first appears to be a simple traveling haunted attraction, but is instead an evil alternate world with an intelligence all its own. No-End House met more good reviews, and thankfully, Syfy has already renewed Channel Zero for seasons three and four.

With season two now in the books, Syfy has released the first teaser trailer for Channel Zero season 3, subtitled Butcher’s Block. Judging by the imagery on display, Butcher’s Block is set to be just as creepy and unsettling as its predecessors. Check the teaser out directly below.

Butcher’s Block is inspired by Kerry Hammond’s creepypasta Search and Rescue Woods, and tells the story of Alice (Olivia Luccardi), a young woman who moves to a new city with her mentally troubled sister. Soon after, she learns about a series of unexplained disappearances in town, which look to be tied to mysterious staircases popping up around the city.

Making Butcher’s Block of particular interest to horror fans is the presence of Rutger Hauer (The Hitcher, Hobo with a Shotgun), who plays villain Joseph Peach, a 1950’s meatpacking magnate who himself disappeared after the murder of his beloved daughters.

In a surprising move, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block won’t be airing in the series’ usual fall slot. Instead, Syfy will air Butcher’s Block in early 2018. One wonders if that means that season four will also air next year.