Celebrate the Life of AC/DC’s Malcolm Young by Revisiting MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

Paul AloisioRest In Peace1 Comment

Today, Malcolm Young, co-founder and longtime rhythm guitarist of influential rock band AC/DC passed away at the age of 64. The guitarist had been suffering from dementia for a number of years. He died peacefully, surrounded by family.

While fans may find solace in the fact that Young is no longer suffering, the fact remains – this is a humongous loss for rock music. And while some of you may be asking what exactly Malcolm Young has to do with horror movies, you may be surprised at AC/DC’s unique connection to Stephen King. If you’re wondering about this, that means you’ve either forgotten or you just don’t know about King’s 1986 directorial debut Maximum Overdrive, a film about trucks coming to life and killing everybody.

Oh, and the soundtrack was done completely by AC/DC. Hell. Yes.

It’s no secret that the film is not good. Still, it’s some seriously good fun. Much of this comes from AC/DC’s inclusion in the film, which makes every scene just a little more ridiculous than it already is. Though the band’s music isn’t featured in the original trailer, you can rest assured knowing that the film makes up greatly in that respect, with riffs blasting left and right.

The soundtrack was released by the band as Who Made Who, featuring a title track which would become a radio classic for the band. While many think Angus when the topic of AC/DC comes up, it was actually his brother Malcolm who was responsible for holding the songs down as his energetic brother ran across the stage like a wildman.

Malcolm was much more content to hide in the shadows, letting the others take the spotlight. A humble musician if there ever was one; may he rest in peace. Blast some Who Made Who tonight in his honor and revisit Maximum Overdrive for a guaranteed good time.


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