Did You Catch Last Night’s X-Files Homage on The Walking Dead?

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In one of the most memorable scenes from The Walking Dead last night, Daryl Dixon went ‘eye for an eye’ with Noah, stealing a pack of cigarettes from Grady Memorial’s custodian after having his crossbow stolen by him. In truly badass fashion, Dixon lit up one of the cigarettes, responding to Noah’s cries for help with a super cool ‘no thanks, bro.’

As many fans noticed, the cigarettes that Dixon stole and smoked were Morleys, a fictional brand made famous by The X-Files. The cigarettes were the brand of choice for the character known as ‘The Cigarette Smoking Man,’ and they were often featured in episodes of the show.

But Morley Cigarettes weren’t created for The X-Files, nor is the show the only one to feature them. The brand has been seen in many series’ over the years, from American Horror Story to The Strain, and the faux cigarettes in fact date back to 1960, when they were first seen in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Another early appearance from the Morley brand was in the iconic Twilight Zone episode ‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,’ and other shows to utilize the cigarettes include Malcolm in the Middle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 24 and That 70s Show. They’ve also been featured in various movies and even video games.

The Walking Dead Morley

It’s interesting to note that The Walking Dead‘s Dale contemplated smoking a Morley cigarette, back in the show’s second season. I guess that makes them the official brand of the post-apocalypse!