Cat Person Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

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As announced by The Hollywood Reporter, powerhouse production company A24 has signed on to develop a new horror movie – titled Bodies, Bodies, Bodies – from first-time screenwriter and author of the hotly debated short story, Cat Person, Kristen Roupenian. This impressive new deal also marks the first time that A24 has purchased a spec script.

A24 is currently fast-tracking the film for production. While there are no plot details released at this time, Bodies, Bodies, Bodies has been described as “a shrewd character study where mystery and deep-seated scares blend”, creating “an opportunity to make a horror movie that could also be culturally relevant”.

Sources say that “the script shows heightened sensitivity to character development and social dynamics in a subversive way”.

Roupenian rose to internet fame after her short story, Cat Person, was published in The New Yorker and became an incredible viral sensation, becoming the most-read fiction story from The New Yorker in 2017.

via Slate

Cat Person readers took to social media to express their praise (for how horrifically relatable the whole story was) and their anger (which ranged from a misunderstanding of the “fiction” label to a general frustration that vaguely danced around cries of “not all men”).

Shortly after Cat Person achieved viral status, Roupenian signed a 7-figure book deal in December. I have to say, given the uncomfortable and often cringe-inducing elements of Cat Person, I’m genuinely curious to see how Roupenian does with a horror script.

A24 is known for producing such critically-acclaimed films as Moonlight, The Killing of A Sacred Deer, It Comes At Night, Green Room, Ex Machina, The Monster, and the upcoming Hereditary.