‘Castle Rock’ Teaser: A Trip Through King’s Universe on Hulu

Timothy RawlesComing Soon, Hulu2 Comments

The producers at Bad Robot in collaboration with Hulu are taking fans on a creepy road trip to Castle Rock.

The two companies released a teaser trailer Friday depicting a road-map through the Stephen King Universe which is home to his beloved literary characters.

“Castle Rock” is the name of the town in Maine and subsequently this series where most of the horror writer’s tales are set, and many fans may finally have the answers they seek about how all of his stories are connected.

For now, they have only released this small taste of the journey but throwing out names such as Annie Wilkes, Pennywise and Danny Torrance is something our GPS is getting excited about.

Sam Shaw of “Manhatten” is attached to the project, but no details have been released on which hat he’ll don for the project; writer, director or producer.

Last year Hulu released another King story called “11.22.63,” in which James Franco traveled back in time to thwart the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

There are no details on this project’s storyline or a release date, but combining the company which brought us “Westworld,” “Fringe” and “Lost,” we think it’s a perfect marriage of two coasts and two minds.

Is everyone packed and ready?

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