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‘Castle Rock:’ Each Season Will Tell a New Story Within the Stephen King Multiverse

by Michael Carpenter
Andre Holland and Melanie Lynskey in Castle Rock

After months of building hype, July 25th saw the premiere of new Hulu drama series Castle Rock. While the works of Stephen King constantly receive film and TV adaptations, Castle Rock is a bit different, telling an original story set within the established King multiverse.

Clearly designed to appeal to King’s most hardcore fans, Castle Rock includes dozens of Easter eggs and references to the author’s past hits. Some of the casting is even itself a reference, such as Bill “Pennywise the Clown” Skarsgard and Sissy “Carrie” Spacek.

Of course, King himself has weighed in, and actually encouraged fans not to watch Castle Rock for its references, and instead appreciate the original story the show’s creators are trying to tell. There are six episodes left to air in its 10-episode first season.

'Castle Rock' via Hulu

While it remains to be seen whether or not Hulu will decide to renew Castle Rock for a second season, if that happens, co-creator Sam Shaw tells Bloody Disgusting that each new season will tell a completely different story, albeit still set in the same multiverse.

Thus, if the show gets canceled, fans can rest assured that season one’s finale will most likely offer a definitive ending to the current story. If season two happens, one wonders what King-inspired fun Shaw and the rest of the series’ creative team will have in store.

Sissy Spacek in Castle Rock

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