Cary Fukunaga Reveals Why He Left New Adaptation of Stephen King’s IT

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It seemed too good to be true when we learned that Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) would be directing New Line’s two-part re-adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, and when things sound too good to be true, they often are. Fukunaga ended up departing the project, and now he’s revealed why.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fukunaga finally opened up about the whole ordeal that led to him recently being replaced in the director’s chair by Andy Muschiette (Mama). He says that his vision was different from New Line’s, and the disagreements spelled the end of his involvement.


It’s never easy,” Fukunaga told the outlet. “Chase [Palmer] and I had been working on that script for probably three years. There was a lot of our childhood and our experience in it. Ultimately, we and New Line have to agree on the kind of movie we want to make, and we just wanted to make different movies.

It’s like a relationship: you can try to make the other person who you want them to be, but it’s impossible really to change. You just have to work.”

Last we heard, young actor Will Poulter had been cast to play Pennywise, though now that a new director is in charge, it’s likely that many changes will be made. New Line is currently looking for a writer to come in and tailor the script to Muschiette, and no production start date has been announced.

The plan is still to break the new adaptation up into two separate films – the first set in the past, and focusing on the main characters as children, and the second film set in the present day.