Carpenter Would Rather Make Music Than Movies, For Now

Timothy RawlesMusic, News1 Comment

There are probably only a few names you think of when you contemplate horror moves and the masters who make them, unleashing iconic characters and honored monsters into the world by way of cinema.

One of those people is John Carpenter. And recently he has been busier living the life as a rock star than a horror maven. And there is a good reason for that he says.

“Making movies is horrifying. Horrifyingly stressful,” Carpenter told TheWrap. “You’ve got all these people, and you have to pay them! They’re on the clock, you have to finish, and you’re always on deadline. Movies are a complex form of art and storytelling. Music is purer. Out it comes.”

Carpenter is probably modest when speaking about his life as a composer. His hard work and dedication to the craft have given moviegoers themes as recognizable as any John Williams composition. Who hasn’t had the “Halloween” theme as a ringtone at least once in their lives?

Speaking of “Halloween,” it’s probably old news in the horror community, even though the director has been concentrating on harmony over Haddonfield lately, he’s given his personal approval to the David Gordon Green and Danny McBride “Halloween” entry. He won’t say anything about it other than its narrative is made as though the many sequels to the original never happened.

But can we expect the director to climb back into the chair behind the camera any time soon?

“I’m not a rock star,” Carpenter laughed. “I’m really enjoying myself. I’ll get back to directing or not. I don’t know. I don’t care! I’ve had a hell of a career. I don’t need to do anything else, but if something comes along, I’ll do it!”

Either way, we are just glad this Master of Horror is still a part of the genre in whatever capacity he chooses.

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