Captain America Turns Zombie in Disney +’s ‘What If?’ Clip

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Balvin ‘Porter’ Bridges has taken to Twitter to share some clips of Disney Plus’ upcoming Marvel animated series What If? that he gathered from Disney’s Expanding the Universe doc. In the series of clips we definitely get a look at Bucky Barnes doing battle with a zombified Captain America.

The What If? series is a revisit to the comics that Marvel released in the past. These were always very fan fic and would see notable Marvel characters from alternate dimensions living a very different narrative from the ones we are familiar with. The sky was the limit in these books. For example, I recall Peter Parker becoming The Punisher in one arch.

For those familiar with the Marvel Zombies books, looks like we could have a lot to be excited about. Since this zombified Captain America could be a preview of a full-on Marvel Zombies take.

The Disney series is borrowing some ideas from those comics but as you see here they are definitely having a blast with it and taking things in their own directions.

In the clips shared we see T’Challa as Starlord, Captain America as a Zombie, Peggy Carter becoming Captain America and a young Steve Rogers going full Iron Man.

Get a peek at Zombie Captain America as well as a peek at the others mentioned above right here.

Think this could be Marvel Zombies told through a What If?, Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: (The Playlist)

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