‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Star Robert Kerman Wants to Hear from You

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Robert Kerman, having starred in a number of adult films, like Debbie Does Dallas also performed in a few horror films, like Night of the CreepsEaten Alive (the Umberto Lenzi cannibal flick, not the Tobe Hooper film), but is best known for his starring role in the shocking Cannibal Holocaust. Currently, he’s in a nursing home and feeling a little lonely, so to brighten his day, Robert Kerman wants to hear from you! That’s right, he wants you to write him a letter and make his day a little better. This is a good opportunity for fans to reach out to Robert Kerman and let him know how much you appreciate him. Below is the address, so say hello!

Robert Kerman
Komanoff Center for Geriatric Medicine
375 E Bay Dr
Room 279
Long Beach, N.Y. 11561

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