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‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Blu-Ray Details Revealed

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Cannibal Holocaust Blu-Ray Cover

Are you ready to experience one of the most controversial horror films of all time in glorious high definition? Well, you better be, as Grindhouse Releasing is prepping the first ever stateside Blu-Ray release of Ruggero Deodato’s incredibly graphic, often banned 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust.

Featuring violence so realistic for its time that the director was actually accused of murdering his actors for real, Cannibal Holocaust is an infamous, supremely divisive film, and as such will not receive a run of the mill Blu-Ray edition. The Grindhouse release of Holocaust will come as a packed three-disc set, including two Blu-Ray discs and one audio CD. The CD will house a remastered version of Riz Ortolani’s haunting score.

The actual Blu-Ray discs themselves contain both the original director’s cut of the film, and the version that edits out the very real, and very horrifying violence against animals committed in the film. The most infamous instance of such violence is probably a turtle getting graphically slaughtered on camera. The director’s cut will be freshly remastered, and the film will feature both the original mono audio mix and a remixed stereo track.

The large selection of bonus features includes two commentary tracks, new interviews with Deodato and other members of the cast and crew, archival interview footage, liner notes by Eli Roth and Chas Balun, still photo galleries, and a selection of trailers for Holocaust from around the world.

Whatever your opinion of the film itself, there is no question that Cannibal Holocaust has influenced generations of horror filmmakers since, especially in its pioneering use of the now rampant found-footage style. Good on Grindhouse for giving such a notorious film the release it deserves.

Cannibal Holocaust hits Blu-Ray on Tuesday, July 1st 2014.

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