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Cannes Crowd Walks out on ‘The House That Jack Built’

by Mike Joyce
The House That Jack Built

Lars von Trier’s “The House That Jack Built” is already making a name for itself at Cannes. Page Six reports over 100 attendees walked out of its screening at the French film festival.

Von Trier is no stranger to controversy: Films such as “Antichrist” are known for pushing the limits. The Guardian reports he was banned from Cannes for seven years after claiming he was a Nazi—a comment he later apologized for making. He was only recently allowed back to the film festival, and it looks like he’s wasting no time in stirring up controversy again.

The mass walkout has to do with the extreme nature of the film: Matt Dillon’s Jack mutilates multiple victims, mostly women, and von Trier pulls no punches. In one extremely graphic scene, Jack shoots small children in the head with a hunting rifle. That led to dozens of viewers leaving in disgust. Outraged patrons called it “Vile,” “vomitive” and “torturous.”


Has Lars von Trier gone too far? Will this sink the movie, or will the notoriety end up helping it get a following?

“The House That Jack Built” follows a serial killer who considers each gruesome murder a work of art, and becomes increasingly daring and depraved over a number of years. Check out the trailer below:

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