Can You Survive The Official SAW Escape Experience

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Would you like to play a game? Or, maybe team build? Or have a cool B day party, even? The Official SAW Escape in Las Vegas has all those things covered, you guys.

Escape Rooms have become the dog’s bollocks in the past couple of years. Each offering up their own distinctive challenges to you and your friends, in order to “escape” through a series of puzzles and other types of fun-ish tomfoolery.

It seems like the no-brainer of creating an escape experience based on the riddles, and games of Jigsaw have been put to successful execution in the belly of Las Vegas.

This is from the creators of the popular Fright Dome experience. In Official SAW Escape, you and your mates are lead into the iconic Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant, to end up flies trapped in Jigsaw and disciple’s web. In order to escape the multi-hour experience, you will have to venture through multiple rooms in one of the world’s largest escape experiences, while navigating traps and elaborate puzzles.

For more info on how to attend The Official SAW Escape, head over to

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