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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have a surprise for fans of the twisted love story that is The Evil Within 2! In a free update to the game this week, you can now play through the entire terrifying thing in first-person.

Anne Lewis, the content manager for Bethesda, made the announcement on the Playstation blog today. 

The Evil Within 2 Sewer section

In one of the most intense moments of the original game, the perspective shifts into first-person while you work your way through a series of tunnels filled with explosive gas, preventing you from using the firearms you’ve gotten accustomed to so far. The section is relatively short, with only a couple enemies to avoid, but fans have been asking for an expansion of the perspective to the rest of the game since its release.

Some of them even found ways to stretch it outside of the single area, and some players on PC even managed to mod the game.

“Some savvy users figured out a way to activate this mode outside of its intended area, and the reaction to it was pretty positive, so we said, “What the heck. Let’s put it in as a bonus.”

Especially in horror games, many players prefer a first-person perspective to heighten the sense of immersion. The Evil Within series is known for its mind-twisting effects, to environments and enemies that transform right in front of you, or that come at you from completely unexpected directions.

Seeing those things from a first-person perspective, instead of an over-the-shoulder view could push an already unnerving game into completely terrifying territory.

It should be noted though, that not all of the game made the jump to first-person. Things like cinematics and cutscenes likely don’t make the jump, but it’s definitely worth appreciating that Bethesda went to all the trouble to do this for the players.

“The Evil Within 2 wasn’t designed as a first-person game, so obviously it was pretty difficult. We like to think of it as a “high-level hack” so we don’t want people to compare this with Doom or anything like that. There were some scenes that just didn’t work, so it jumps back and forth a bit to third-person”

If you haven’t played it yet, now might be the perfect time to give it a try, and you can also check out iHorror’s review of it. In the meantime, check out the update trailer Bethesda posted!


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