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Well, this is a surprising development. A few months back, news broke that Steven R. Monroe’s unlikely I Spit On Your Grave franchise was set to receive a third entry . However, according to a recent report, the next installment will not in fact be another sequel to Monroe’s films, and will actually function as a direct follow-up to the infamous original 1978 film starring Camille Keaton. If that wasn’t enough to make horror fans raise our collective eyebrows, Dread Central has now revealed that Keaton herself will return to reprise her role of rape victim turned murderous vigilante Jennifer Hills.

The new I Spit On Your Grave sequel’s plot takes place decades after Jennifer survived her harrowing ordeal and took the law into her own hands. She was subsequently acquitted by a jury for murdering her attackers, in a controversial verdict. Once free, Jennifer went on to write a best-selling book about her experiences. Unfortunately, the families of her four “victims” are unhappy with what they feel was a bogus trial, and set out to get their own revenge on Jennifer. It isn’t too long before she finds herself once again in the position to kill or be killed. Something tells me things won’t end well for Jennifer’s new assailants.

In just as cool news, the newly christened I Spit On Your Grave – Deja Vu will also feature the return of Meir Zarchi, writer and director of the original 1978 cult classic. This new project doesn’t have a release timetable in place yet, but we’ll keep you posted if anything changes. Also, this film has nothing to do with Steven R. Monroe or Anchor Bay, so it’s unclear whether or not they still plan to continue their own I Spit On Your Grave series.